Fur Slippers for your husband

Fur Slippers for your husband My husband also wanted soft Slippers when he saw them. I decided to give him these Slippers while he was at home. This is what I wrote up. There are many different ways to treat your husband while he is away. This way, you can use them to treat your allergies, sneezes, sore throats and other unpleasantnesses.These slippers will also look good with trousers. First we put them on ourselves, then we attach colorful labels to the product. Maybe he will need it. We decided to give him these Slippers for his birthday. Maybe not so much, but cozy!These slippers will also be a great addition to a man's vests on the warm autumn evenings. cozy sweater The next option will be to knit a cardigan for him. The pattern is primitive, but it looks very nice. 1 of 2from a European magazine There are many options for slippers under the same jacket. I chose the more traditional version. A vest for the neck was tied with white thread, and blue yarn. There were no problems tying the product. I love the color combination. It is nice that the thread is no longer bothered by knot. There are several products that can be viewed here. I think that such blouses will also be loved by men of my acquaintance. You can monitor the result of knitting using the buttons on the sleeves. I didn't find anything interesting. Dear readers, how are things? Are you still slacking?