New year's wreath

New year's wreath The mood is festive, the house is beautiful, the New year is close!I suggest making a festive wreath. It will adorn any door in your house, and any door sill a good one,and your loved ones will thank you for it. I I think that it is most interesting to give a wreath of such a design,because it is most pleasant to give a small reflection on the past, present and time. I took a nylon rubber,made the base and glued it to the base of the wreath.The base is fixed with a thread, so that it does not crumble.The future wreath I decided to make in the style of freeform, choosing a silver colored thread for the thread. The base can be painted with a thinner paint, choosing a lighter one. To do this, smear the filler white, give it a bright green color and start painting. During the drying time, it will become glossy and beautiful.To prevent the wreath from drying out, I glued the element in the wreath. You can also decorate the base with an Easter eggs decoration. If you prefer the design of traditional eggs, then in the future you can make a wreath of such a design with a shorter base.I have a white nylon thread and am happy to give it to my relatives. In the near future, I will be giving this product to my relatives. I think that it will be very nice to receive such a gift, especially since it is not difficult to get a hold of some kind of decoration in the store. Well, then begin the creative process, and you will get such a wreath, which will decorate any door in your house, even if it is a bathroom!Creative success to you!