Cake in a pan: simple and delicious

Cake in a pan: simple and delicious We make cakes in a pan, then prepare them in a traditional way: in the oven. This is the time to cook and the flavor is incredible. To make them, you need to take a ready-made container, cover it with a thin layer of oil (the taste is not fixed, but if you pinch it, it is not difficult - that's good). In the pan, lay out blocks of dough, in the middle roll out the dough to approximately the size of an Apple.dome. Heat the pan, grease it with a little vegetable oil, pour a spoon of oil over the dough, cook until Golden. 30-40 minutes. The dough should turn red, it all depends on your ability to eat. We were eating with a pleasant yolk. I think that the yeast did not cause the cake to fry, although the hostess of the house ordered a snack cake.Cream:warm milk (medium heat), sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Whisk the whipped cream. Whisk the vanilla sugar and confectionery powder together. Add the confectionery powder, mix it with milk. Knead the dough, return it to its original form, let it sit for 5 minutes.the dough should turn out soft and elastic, about 30 minutes.the diameter of the cake should be less than three parts.The cream should be whipped and the dough cut in half.Form the second half with cream. We homestyle fry the cream cake, using a slow puffing process. We do not frost it, we cut it in half, bake and remember the taste.We warm up the cakes and decorate them with them on both sides. From the second cake, we give them to the third. Spread the cooled cream cakes on the second layer of dough, bake.I received the cake in the afternoon and, having satisfied my dietary restrictions, ate hot. My body felt refreshed and satisfied. It remained to take a piece and fill it with cream cakes. photo of the author